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Innovation in the processing of mineral resources is essential for the future of the industry and of society. An out-of-the-box application of sound principles of science, engineering and economics are more necessary than ever before in the development and commercialization of technologies due to the more complex nature of the challenges and the greater restrictions in finding solutions.

Business conditions today have led many mining and metallurgical organizations to substantially limit their technology development and innovation activities and are looking to equipment suppliers as sources of innovative and proven technologies to implement in their operations. Unfortunately, this approach may not lead to the level of step-change innovation required to solve many problems found today because it does not match the business model under which suppliers typically operate.

Innovative Extractive Technologies (NXT) seeks to complement the supply of technologies to metals and minerals organizations. At NXT, we work hand-in-hand with clients to fully understand the most challenging problems faced today. With a team of highly skilled professionals experienced in process metallurgy, engineering and economics, we constantly search worldwide for technological solutions to specific problems and assemble or develop innovative solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary team at NXT possesses the expertise to develop innovative step-change technologies from the ground up.

Some of our key strengths are:

  • Analyses to identify and/or validate customer-driven real-world innovation needs.
  • Access to private and governmental technology development funds.
  • Techno-economic expertise in various fields to develop robust breakthrough technologies.
  • Managerial experience to develop technologies while mitigating risks.


Technology Development Path


Process of Technology Development

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