Recovery of Iron from Aqueous Solutions Containing Fe(III)

Iron is an element commonly found in aqueous solutions derived from the hydrometallurgical processes to obtain copper, zinc, aluminium, uranium, vanadium, nickel and other metals. The presence of iron (in the form of ferrous and ferric ions) is very harmful to the electrolysis process performance of cobalt, zinc and copper since it decreases the current and energy efficiency therefore increase the overall metal production cost.

NXT is working in the development of an energy-efficient technology which allows to reduce the concentration of ferrous or ferric ions to the desired levels while producing a highly pure iron oxide by-product.

At NXT we continuously search for new partnerships to further develop and implement this technology. Contact us for more details.

Solvent Extraction Technology

Alternative Uses of Spent Pot Lining

Spent potlining (SPL) is a carbon-rich waste product generated from the Hall-Héroult aluminum production process. Due to the presence of trace amounts of leachable cyanides and high concentrations of fluorides, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classified the SPL as a hazardous waste material. It is also listed as a special waste in Canada. NXT is currently undertaking research in three key areas:

  • Spent Pot Lining as a Strategic Material
  • Use of Spent Pot Lining as a valuable flux material in other metals industries (Cu, Ni, Co, and steel)
  • Characterization of Spent Pot Lining
  • Combustion of Spent Pot Lining


We are constantly seeking to build partnerships to further develop and implement technologies on an alternative utilization of SPL. Please contact us for more information.

Spent Pot Lining - Handling

Spent Pot Lining - Characterization

Spent Pot Lining - Processing

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