About Our Company

Innovative Extractive Technologies (NXT) emerged as a result of the passion of very capable and experienced professionals to search and develop solutions to the most pressing technological problems that the metals and minerals industry face today.

Our organization draws from the capabilities of specialists working worldwide in industry and academia in the fields of process engineering, materials science, project engineering and management, and operations and strategic consulting to implement commercial technologies.

NXT not only develops its own technologies, but also identifies and selects the best technologies under development from around the world and establishes partnerships with the inventors to further develop and commercialize them. This way, NXT leverages its expertise in innovation with its wide network of contacts and makes the best of these resources available to our clients.

Our personnel is a combination of young, energetic and creative professionals with very experienced innovation specialists, process and technology metallurgists, and mathematical modeling experts that provide a complete and strong support to all phases of technology development, commercialization and implementation.


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